Blaugust #9: Unfinished/broken websites /Rant

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Anyone find something they really want to buy online just to authorize payment and have the website break on them?  That's been happening to me for about 2 days now.  First world problems, yes I know, but what else do I write about!?!  Anyway, I found this nice laptop case online for the school year so that my brand new laptop doesn't get beaten up in my backpack.  It's all girly and has Totoro just chillen' on it.  Awesome.  It's also pretty inexpensive and the feedback on this particular seller is fantastic.  Yay.

The issue I'm currently having is that when I go to pay, I enter all of my information and then it brings my to this "rpotected by visa" webpage or some bullshit.  Basically I have to enter some pre-determined password that I've never even seen in my entire life.  Yeah, no idea.  When I go to "forgot password" it times out and gives me this weird ass error code.  Not even a message, just a code.

This website needs to understand, I'm trying to buy the cheap shit they sell.. I just can't, because the website is broken.  Generally when I come across these things online, I can't help but think to myself, wtf it's 2015... get with it and fix your shit.

And that, was a rant.