Blaugust #1: GTA V and my thoughts surrounding the game.

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I'm not sure if many of you have tuned in to my streams in the past or not, but if you have, you may have heard me talk about my dislike of realistic/violent video games at one point or another.  I'm not a huge fan of games that in a realistic setting causing hard to innocent people (bystanders, civilians, etc.)  That being said, for the longest time I refused to play games such as Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Battlefield and the like.  When I worked at a video game store, I would be extremely blunt with children's parents about these games and their contents.  I was that store clerk that ruined the games for so many kids, and I loved that part of my job the most.

I'd played a good number of these games and I just didn't agree with the fact that they're not separating these violent acts/events from reality.  They're launching these ideas in such a realistic setting that there are people who take the plots a little too seriously.  That being said, video games like Gears of War, Halo, and the like are games that I don't mind playing.  They are clearly fantasy games where we have to defeats aliens to protect our own.

All of this being said... I purchased GTA V not long ago as it was on sale and I had a coupon.  I figured, if I was going to spend money on this game to stream it, I wouldn't spend much.  I started seriously playing it the other day and I'm pretty much hooked.  I can go out, steal some guys car, and as long as I put it in my garage, it's mine.  No matter what, I'm always left wanting more.  The recklessness in the driving of any vehicle, the fact that I can damage my car beyond repair, and the next time I bring it to my garage it's miraculously fixed.

The online missions are pretty fun as well.  I haven't really participated in a Heist as of yet, but that's coming.. don't you worry.  I think that currently, my biggest gripe with the game (online PC) would be the amount of hackers that come around to fuck things up.  I'm not sure I'd call them hackers, more like script kiddies looking for a cheap thrill.

Overall, while I'm still upset with myself for enjoying a game with so much realistic violence and the like, I have to appreciate the game for what it is.  It's an easy way to entertain myself, and feel like I can actually afford nice things!  If you're interested in checking it out, I'd recommend watching Twitch streams on it.  You can even stop by my channel to check me out if I'm online!

That's all for me for today folks!  What did you think of GTA V if you've played it yet?  What system do you own it for and are you happy with that choice?  Until tomorrow!


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C. T. Murphy
1 August 2015 at 20:43 delete

It is realistic, but there still seems to be a sort of cartoonish gloss to the series. I can never get far in them though. I typically get kind of bored of the single-player. Now that they've placed more emphasis on the multiplayer as a sandbox though, I kind of wish I had gotten into the game when it first dropped. I love the community that has sprung up around it, and the videos they produce. Some of my biggest online laughs in recent memory!