Blaugust #6: Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday is a theme often used in Social Media.  Whether it be Instagram, Twitter or even blogs (I guess, or so my research has told me).  Generally I don't put much thought into it, well, because I only follow the theme with my Instagram account.  How much of a story are people ACTUALLY going to read under a photo?  Not much.  So here we go, my first Throwback Thursday of the month.

My family on my mother's side is French.  Franco-Ontarien to be exact.  We're the typical french family from Ontario.  We are large in numbers and, back in the day, we used to all hang out quite often.  During the winter (which was often brutal by the way) we'd all go to the cottage on the lake for some camping, bonding and good old ice fishing.  My dad, grandfather and uncles are all super huge fishermen and by extension so are their wives.

I don't recall exactly how young I was this particular camping trip but I was PROBABLY about 8-10 but my family would drill numerous holes in the ice forming a number of rows we could easily keep an eye on.  Think of how the number six is arranged on a dice, basically that.

Anyway, we were about ready to head back to camp at the end of the day and my older brother was going around covering up the holes we had dug.  I don't really know why he did it to be honest, he was probably just being a little shit.  But I was running to my dad to tell him something I'm sure that I thought was crazy fucking important to my tiny self, and I didn't see one of the holes my brother covered so naturally I fell in.

The manner in which I fell in was extremely lucky though, I only really fell in with one foot, and the other leg was keeping me from completely slipping under the ice.  I was soaked and shocked, and I believe I cried my ass off (remember, it's winter and shit's cold up here in Northern Ontario Canadaland).  My parents yelled at my brother for ages.  And that's why I don't go ice fishing anymore ;P