Blaugust #10: C-c-changes (Photo heavy)

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I've had my fair share of hair styles.  I get pretty bored of my hair after a set amount of time and feel that I need to switch things up.  That being said, I've had many different looks and I plan on having many more.  This weekend, I plan on changing things up once again only this time, I'm doing everything on my own.  I hope it goes well.

It wasn't until I was a little older (past high school) where I dared to actually do something interesting with my hair.  You know, try a color that you don't necessarily see every day... pinks, blues, greens, etc.  I truly feel that hair style/color is an amazing way to express myself and I'm probably going to be that way until I die.

That being said I just wanted to share a few photos of my "past looks" and maybe a few thoughts.  Because well, why not :P.

This is a staple in my hair life.  This is pretty much what it looked like from a young age all through high school.  The only thing that changed about this is the shade, really.  Darker browns to shades of red... but this was the general hair cut I chose to stick with.  It was safe, I knew it worked so "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

And some time during college, I decided it was time to just chop it all off.  This was the first time since I was 10 years old that I had decided to go for a decently short haircut.  I popped myself into the lady's chair at the salon and said "Cut".  She asked me if I was sure, I told her to just go for it.  And this was the final product.  I pretty much maintained this haircut for a few years afterward, it would always get to that awkward growth stage and I just couldn't handle it, so I would cut it again.

Eventually, it grew long once again, and being bored with my hair color, I decided it was time to dye the underneath Blonde.  I had done this once before, but ended up cutting my hair short right after so I lost the blonde layers.  I rocked this look for some time and I miss it.

At some point I got a job as a hostess/server and decided I was so tired of putting my hair up for work every day and wanted to get it cut again, not only that, but I wanted to make it look NICE... so that's when I first ventured into the world of color and I got blue streaks.

My hair grew long once again and I wanted to go against the grain, so this time instead of dying the underneath of my hair blonde, I went for the front half of my head blonde(left).  I had this vision that I wasn't sure of the outcome, but when I had it completed I was in love.  Best hair style decision I've ever made in my life.  And then I decided hey, why not dye that part blue!  I couldn't do it previously, as my job wouldn't allow it... but I quit and was about to move to a different city!

Cut to a few years later where my hair was HELLA SHORT and then I colored it a few more times...

And now I'm back to my boring old self from the very beginning of everything....  But that will change VERY very soon :)