Blaugust #5: Gone Girl thoughts ~SPOILERS~

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So I'm finally catching up to the real world and watching the film "Gone Girl" tonight.  I have my new laptop beside me, setting up a brand new version of Windows 10 and I'm watching this movie that claims to be a "psychological thriller".  I mean, TO BE TECHNICAL, I'm still watching it.  I haven't heard much before this moment other than people seemed to enjoy it, so going into this (the first ten minutes) I expected some happy go lucky life story about some poor woman who went missing.  Let me just warn you of spoilers now!  If you haven't seen the movie, stop reading, go watch it, and come back :P.

The story had me believe that they were actually this ridiculously happy couple.  It wasn't until I met his mistress where I started to double back on the story and rethink the entire story presented so far.  At first, when she was presented, I was pissed.  What a scumbag, how could you cheat on a wife that loves you so much she moves across the country for you and your sick mom.  The questions began about why would he murder his wife if he's the one cheating, what is the motive?

Then the story took the turn showing us her side.  I realized maybe everything isn't what it's meant to seem.  That maybe I should really look into both sides of the story before I make my decisions on the topic.  Oh how quick humans are to judge!  My mind is doing flips at this point, do I side with the husband or do I side with the wife?  I mean, the way she's "getting back" at him is a little fucked up... he deserves to get called out for his shit but to set him up for murder?  That's a bit crazy, lady.

Her in the motel and getting robbed by that little "friend" of hers... two wrongs don't make a right, and I've always believed that.  Just because someone has wronged you, doesn't mean you should go out of your way to make someone else suffer.  He cheated, and she's trying to make him suffer.  It's karma, he would have had it coming eventually.  She took it in to her own hands and made herself vulnerable.  Bad move IMHO.

And finally her taking advantage of that one creepy ex (played by Neil Patrick Harris) again proves that she's fucking cray cray.  I'm really not certain at which point this movie had me face palming, shaking my head and covering my eyes out of shame.  I just, couldn't with the second half of this movie.  Still had me going though, props.