Blaugust #7: All about tattoos.. and stuff

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So tattoos are growing ever more popular among people these days, and much more accepted by the general population.  I myself, absolutely love them.  SOME of mine were a bit painful and it's debatable as to whether the pain was worth it or not :P.  Anywhoozle, I have a number of them myself and it all started when I turned 16 years old.  My dad brought me to a tattoo parlor back home as a birthday gift to welcome me into adulthood.  And since then, I've been crazy about body art.

The next one was a set of stars on my hips at 19 when I moved away to College.  Jeebus cripes was that ever painful, and I don't plan to ever get that area worked on ever again.  NO THANK YOU.  And after that, I got a Nintendo controller on my left shoulder.  It was my favorite piece for a long time, and didn't take long at all.  I got that in my college city just as I was about to move back to my parents city for a year.

NEXT, was "Papa" on my wrist while I was living at home again for that year.  Not painful, didn't take long at all.  And then my triforce on the back of my neck the day before my best friends wedding.  Again, minimal pain and didn't take long what so ever.

Pictured above is my most recent tattoo.  It is the first piece of a set that I got started at the end of April of this year.  It's Jack Skellington of A Nightmare Before Christmas and obviously, if you haven't guessed by now, the second piece is going to be Sally from the same series.  This one took three sittings, the first was just about 2 and a half hours, the second only one hour (no idea why I was in so much pain for that sitting) and finally, the last sitting was today.  It was only an hour again but it's all finished!

Once I'm able to take the bandage off, I plan on sharing the sexiness with you guys, obviously.  I have plans for my NEXT tattoo once this series is done, but I'm still unsure if that's going to happen yet or not.  Placement and the specifics.  We'll see!  Either way, I'm far from done at this point.

Do you guys have any tattoos?  Which is your favorite?  Any interesting stories about when you got them.