My thoughts on The Walking Dead - SPOILERS -

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I just want to preface this blog post by saying that I'm probably one of those obnoxious people you hate.  You know the ones.  "It's not as good as the book/comic!"  Yep, I'm very much one of those.  I grew up with a severe love for reading.  My imagination when you describe scenes to me, is so much better than any movie (in my opinion).  My favorite genre being fantasy, cause reasons!  Anywhoozle, I remember when I was introduced to this series, I saw the first episode - immediately stopped watching any other episodes, and picked up the comic books.

I feel as if the story progression in the comic books just made sense.  I read as far as I possibly could, and finally picked the TV series back up again.  I'm going to go season by season, expressing how I felt.  And I'm going to warn you now, if you have not watched this series yet and are PLANNING to.. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS COMING!

Season 1
So the first episode is what made me pursue this series further.  I'd say it was a win of a first season.  That can be a good thing, or it can be a bad thing.  I mean, character backgrounds, story arch, and just all around amazingness was determined.  I honestly thought the gang finding the CDC would go in a completely different direction, but it didn't.  It gave me hope at the beginning, that it might be an alright apocalypse.  But of course, that could never happen!

Season 2
With season 1 being so damn successful, and the comic books leaving me satisfied and smiling, I had really high hopes for this season.  Man oh MAN was I ever wrong in having such high expectations.  First off, I feel as if the Sophie story line dragged on FAR too long.  I can't recall how many episodes, but I know it was that many episodes too many.

I also want to express how much I disliked Shane.  They drew him in a bad light, and successfully made him the antihero.  Grats to them, but I feel like they should have stuck to the comic books and killed him off when he should have died.  That asshole got what was coming to him!  (I'm not invested I swear).

The disappointment felt from not actually getting to meet Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene when they should have come in to the story line was terrible.  This is when I realized that the show was headed in a weird direction.  I was being that anal comic book fan that everyone loves to hate.  After season 2, I promised myself that if the next season was no better, that I'd give up watching the show.

Season 3
I felt this season, the story line showed a little bit of promise.  But over all I was expecting something so much better.  I had hyped myself up again, only to be disappointed.  While it went places I wanted it to go, again I felt it dragged on a little too long with some of the story lines.  I understand that they want to make as much out of this as possible, as well as add new details.  But, rawr.  That's my opinion!

I will say that the end of this season did keep me interested in what the next one would bring.  I told myself that I would give it another go!  Why not?

Season 4
I was very happy to be done with the whole Governor plot.  That guy was a ginormous douchenozzle and he got what was coming to him!  I felt pretty bad for the things he roped those innocent people in to.  Again, glad that's over.  This season is where we finally meet the trio out to save the world.  I gained hope that the story line may find its way back to the original plot!  And I grasped that string and held tight for dear life.

All the while shouting at my computer monitor "HE DOESN'T KNOW JACK".  Also my heart ached for Glenn and Maggie.  Yep.  Dat romantic at heart doe.  I definitely found myself becoming reinvested in the story line, which made me extremely happy.  This was a show that I didn't want to see fail.

Terminus, terminus, terminus.  I just, couldn't.  I knew there was something wrong when they walked in.  Also I just don't understand how they could do two cannibal story archs in a row... but WHAT CAN YAH DO?!  I guess there isn't much going on in a world full of zombies huh?

Season 5 (so far)
I am LOVING season 5 so far.  They've mostly gotten back on track with the story (that I know of).  I'm ashamed to say I haven't read much past Negan in the comic books (as I've been so dang busy), so I don't know if anything new has been added.  But I love what they're doing with Beth.  I love that they showed the cannibals in the comic book series, and I love that my brother looked at me funny when I told him what Bob was going to say when they ate his leg.

AAAAAND I have high hopes again for where it's going.  I feel inspired to pick up new books and get into a whole new world again.  I believe it's because of how satisfied I am with The Walking Dead so far this season.  I really hope that they keep it up, and I wonder if they'll introduce Negan next season?

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