Blaugust #13: My soccer team

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So for the past few months I've been playing soccer on a little league with my boyfriend and a bunch of his friends.  At first, I was extremely nervous and I didn't really want to play.  I felt I wasn't that great and that I didn't really know what I was doing.  So over the course of this tiny league we've been playing with, the man friend and his friends have been giving me pointers and helping me out where it's needed.

When I came into the team I basically said I'd play if I was only to be playing on defense, and everyone agreed.  We already had way to much offense.  Anyway the first game I was a bundle of nerves, but we did very well all together and ended up winning.  Since then, we've won all of our games but one.  That includes the game we just had tonight.  Tonight was the FINAL game, and we won!!  The league is done, we're going to have a little party in September with the other leagues and all of our team members.

I've never been really in to sports or anything, so it was surprising to me that I was enjoying myself through this game.  10/10 would do again.