Blaugust #13: My soccer team

So for the past few months I've been playing soccer on a little league with my boyfriend and a bunch of his friends.  At first, I was extremely nervous and I didn't really want to play.  I felt I wasn't that great and that I didn't really know what I was doing.  So over the course of this tiny league we've been playing with, the man friend and his friends have been giving me pointers and helping me out where it's needed.

When I came into the team I basically said I'd play if I was only to be playing on defense, and everyone agreed.  We already had way to much offense.  Anyway the first game I was a bundle of nerves, but we did very well all together and ended up winning.  Since then, we've won all of our games but one.  That includes the game we just had tonight.  Tonight was the FINAL game, and we won!!  The league is done, we're going to have a little party in September with the other leagues and all of our team members.

I've never been really in to sports or anything, so it was surprising to me that I was enjoying myself through this game.  10/10 would do again.

Blaugust #12: August... where are you going?

August only just started but I feel like it's absolutely flying by.  This is good and bad for a few reasons.  Good because, well, I'm so tired of working this job that really isn't going anywhere and I'd like to go back to school to get closer to my career.  Anyway, I'm stoked to get back into the class and get back into learning shit that I need to know/am paying to know.

The bad part about this month going by so damn quickly is because this is my birthday month.  And while it was once a month of celebration, I'm quickly getting to that point in my life where my birthday simply means I'm one year older.  And fuck that noise.

I'm actually so excited to go back though that I've started my organization plans.  Things I'd like to do with my desk, my closet, and all those type things.  I'm going to be the boss of my own shit this year and I'm going to do a damned good job at it.

That being said I've been browsing Pinterest like crazy for ideas I've never come across before.  The planner I posted about not long ago is a large part of that organization.  I know today has been a short post, but it's what's on my mind.  How do you guys keep your life in order?

Blaugust #11: That one game you just can't shake

So most of the people I know have that one video game they just can't shake.  No matter what comes up in life, or game wise ... they always find themselves going back to that one game.  Mine is very similar to a large number of other people but it is World of Warcraft.  I have had an account since Vanilla and I quickly got addicted.  Not to the point where I was skipping school/work/social life to get some time in but I definitely spent a lot of my free time in the world of Azeroth.

I played constantly for a few years as Burning Crusade came out and I got really into PVP.  Running battlegrounds like it was NOBODY's business.  I particularly liked Alterac Valley and Arathi Basin.  I had a very detailed strat for AV that I would run daily, a bunch of people from my server knew me by character name and when I'd log on, they'd be messaging me to see if we were going to run a pre-made or not.  This had me very happy to play the game on a daily basis, my presence mattered to a group of people.  This is probably a large reason why Burning Crusade was my favourite expansion.

When I moved away to College, I started working at EB Games and that's when Wrath of the Lich King came out.  I didn't really have much time for WoW at that point, but I did play casually with a group of classmates.  They took the PVP player in me and turned her into a RP player.  I went from running Arathi Basin nightly to raids and questing.  This was much the matter into later expansions while I was just busy with life.  The group of people I hung out with at the time (school, work, etc) all played and we all played as a group.

While I started out as Horde (because, let's be honest, horde fucking kicks ass) the people I started working with at an EB Games in ANOTHER city wanted me to roll alliance, I was curious, as by this time Worgens were released and I really wanted to experience the class.  So I did, I made a few Worgen as well as Draenei.  Eventually though, I made the switch back to Horde, I just couldn't leave my roots behind.

I keep going back for every expansion, and there are moments in time where I really miss it... but with going to University full time and having a SO as well as friends and family, I just don't have the time I use to in order to dedicate to this game that used to be my life.  I will continue to keep up to date with the game and the lore itself but there are limits.  I will put my school life and social life before the game.  I'm not saying that those who play don't do that, I am just saying that I don't have time.

World of Warcraft will always be my favourite game, hands down... I just wish I had more time.  Do you guys have a game you just can't walk away from?  Something you've invested so much time in that keeps drawing you back, no matter how much time has passed?

Blaugust #10: C-c-changes (Photo heavy)

I've had my fair share of hair styles.  I get pretty bored of my hair after a set amount of time and feel that I need to switch things up.  That being said, I've had many different looks and I plan on having many more.  This weekend, I plan on changing things up once again only this time, I'm doing everything on my own.  I hope it goes well.

It wasn't until I was a little older (past high school) where I dared to actually do something interesting with my hair.  You know, try a color that you don't necessarily see every day... pinks, blues, greens, etc.  I truly feel that hair style/color is an amazing way to express myself and I'm probably going to be that way until I die.

That being said I just wanted to share a few photos of my "past looks" and maybe a few thoughts.  Because well, why not :P.

This is a staple in my hair life.  This is pretty much what it looked like from a young age all through high school.  The only thing that changed about this is the shade, really.  Darker browns to shades of red... but this was the general hair cut I chose to stick with.  It was safe, I knew it worked so "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

And some time during college, I decided it was time to just chop it all off.  This was the first time since I was 10 years old that I had decided to go for a decently short haircut.  I popped myself into the lady's chair at the salon and said "Cut".  She asked me if I was sure, I told her to just go for it.  And this was the final product.  I pretty much maintained this haircut for a few years afterward, it would always get to that awkward growth stage and I just couldn't handle it, so I would cut it again.

Eventually, it grew long once again, and being bored with my hair color, I decided it was time to dye the underneath Blonde.  I had done this once before, but ended up cutting my hair short right after so I lost the blonde layers.  I rocked this look for some time and I miss it.

At some point I got a job as a hostess/server and decided I was so tired of putting my hair up for work every day and wanted to get it cut again, not only that, but I wanted to make it look NICE... so that's when I first ventured into the world of color and I got blue streaks.

My hair grew long once again and I wanted to go against the grain, so this time instead of dying the underneath of my hair blonde, I went for the front half of my head blonde(left).  I had this vision that I wasn't sure of the outcome, but when I had it completed I was in love.  Best hair style decision I've ever made in my life.  And then I decided hey, why not dye that part blue!  I couldn't do it previously, as my job wouldn't allow it... but I quit and was about to move to a different city!

Cut to a few years later where my hair was HELLA SHORT and then I colored it a few more times...

And now I'm back to my boring old self from the very beginning of everything....  But that will change VERY very soon :)

Blaugust #9: Unfinished/broken websites /Rant

Anyone find something they really want to buy online just to authorize payment and have the website break on them?  That's been happening to me for about 2 days now.  First world problems, yes I know, but what else do I write about!?!  Anyway, I found this nice laptop case online for the school year so that my brand new laptop doesn't get beaten up in my backpack.  It's all girly and has Totoro just chillen' on it.  Awesome.  It's also pretty inexpensive and the feedback on this particular seller is fantastic.  Yay.

The issue I'm currently having is that when I go to pay, I enter all of my information and then it brings my to this "rpotected by visa" webpage or some bullshit.  Basically I have to enter some pre-determined password that I've never even seen in my entire life.  Yeah, no idea.  When I go to "forgot password" it times out and gives me this weird ass error code.  Not even a message, just a code.

This website needs to understand, I'm trying to buy the cheap shit they sell.. I just can't, because the website is broken.  Generally when I come across these things online, I can't help but think to myself, wtf it's 2015... get with it and fix your shit.

And that, was a rant.

Blaugust #8: Travel

How many of you have the travel bug?  The incessant urge to go somewhere you've never been before and experience things you wouldn't normally.  I'm one of those people.  If I had enough money, I'd be constantly traveling without stopping.  I have so many big plans when it comes to places I'd like to visit before I die.

One of the places I want to visit the most is Japan.  I'm not sure exactly which city in Japan just yet, maybe I'll do a tour of Japan.  There are just so many things I want to experience there, cat cafes, fox island, bunny island, night life cultures, the fresh ass food, the shopping.. oh god the shopping.  I want to wander the streets and just observe the fashion there.  I've already started learning some phrases that may be important on my journey.

And another place I'd love to travel to is Britain as a whole.  I'm kind of hoping I can do my third year of studies in Leeds, but I'm not sure that's shaping up to be a proper plan or not.  It's kind of expensive right now aha. Either way I will apply and plan for it and cross my fingers that I get bursaries and just random ass money to be able to do it.

While there though, I'd love to visit Scotland and Ireland obviously.  Weekends and school breaks I'd love to go to Italy, and Paris.  I feel like living in England would be the perfect opportunity to get a ton of traveling done.  And I know that ultimately, I don't really want to live here for the rest of my life.  I'd like to go somewhere, but I'm not sure where yet.  We'll figure that out.

Blaugust #7: All about tattoos.. and stuff

So tattoos are growing ever more popular among people these days, and much more accepted by the general population.  I myself, absolutely love them.  SOME of mine were a bit painful and it's debatable as to whether the pain was worth it or not :P.  Anywhoozle, I have a number of them myself and it all started when I turned 16 years old.  My dad brought me to a tattoo parlor back home as a birthday gift to welcome me into adulthood.  And since then, I've been crazy about body art.

The next one was a set of stars on my hips at 19 when I moved away to College.  Jeebus cripes was that ever painful, and I don't plan to ever get that area worked on ever again.  NO THANK YOU.  And after that, I got a Nintendo controller on my left shoulder.  It was my favorite piece for a long time, and didn't take long at all.  I got that in my college city just as I was about to move back to my parents city for a year.

NEXT, was "Papa" on my wrist while I was living at home again for that year.  Not painful, didn't take long at all.  And then my triforce on the back of my neck the day before my best friends wedding.  Again, minimal pain and didn't take long what so ever.

Pictured above is my most recent tattoo.  It is the first piece of a set that I got started at the end of April of this year.  It's Jack Skellington of A Nightmare Before Christmas and obviously, if you haven't guessed by now, the second piece is going to be Sally from the same series.  This one took three sittings, the first was just about 2 and a half hours, the second only one hour (no idea why I was in so much pain for that sitting) and finally, the last sitting was today.  It was only an hour again but it's all finished!

Once I'm able to take the bandage off, I plan on sharing the sexiness with you guys, obviously.  I have plans for my NEXT tattoo once this series is done, but I'm still unsure if that's going to happen yet or not.  Placement and the specifics.  We'll see!  Either way, I'm far from done at this point.

Do you guys have any tattoos?  Which is your favorite?  Any interesting stories about when you got them.